Meet Keet: Peer-to-Peer Video Chat App

 Meet Keet: Peer-to-Peer Video Chat App

The world was introduced to Keet, a peer-to-peer video chat application, earlier today. Keet will allow anyone to communicate freely without the need of email, phone numbers or use of a dedicated token. The application will be capable of supporting real-time audio and video calls along with text chat and file sharing all built on a fully encrypted platform.

Keet looks to compete in a crowded space that’s currently dominated by big tech solutions like Google Meet or Zoom. That being said offering a solution that never forwards your data to any central server at any time could be a strong differentiator. It’s currently available to download in alpha for Windows with mobile releases coming soon.

Keet is just the beginning

Created by the trio of Tether, Bitfinex and Hypercore, the Keet application is just the first application to be built on top of the Holepunch framework. Holepunch is a software developer kit, also released by the trio, that enables developers to build far more than just chat applications. It enables the concept of ‘distributed holepunching’ that allows users to connect to services via peer to peer connections instead of relying on centralized servers.

Keet: Peer to Peer

Since Holepunch doesn’t rely on a blockchain each user isn’t required to keep a state of the entire network. Instead users relay signed, append-only logs that work similarly to a blockchain without the overhead.

“Holepunch offers a range of easy-to-use, collaborative, P2P data structures allowing developers to mainly focus on building great apps rather than having to be networking or P2P experts”

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex, CSO of Holepunch

To give you an idea of Holepunch’s importance we should look at what’s been put into it so far. It’s said that Tether, Bitfinex and Hypercore have invested $10 million into Holepunch. They’ve also been working on the technology over the last five years in preparation of launching it. That should give you an idea that this is something they intended to grow much further from here.


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