Purse.io Adds Support For Lightning Network

 Purse.io Adds Support For Lightning Network

One of the oldest Bitcoin commerce sites, Purse.io, has finished integrating support for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and it’s now live on their site. With this integration users are able to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin on Purse using the Lightning Network in addition to the main chain. This is a big win for users seeking to withdraw funds from the platform.

Purse.io is an ecommerce site built in 2014 that links Amazon shoppers with Bitcoin buyers. This allows Bitcoin buyers to get access to Bitcoin by simply purchasing another user’s Amazon wishlist. Buyers typically pay a premium for the Bitcoin allowing Amazon shoppers to ring in a discount on their Amazon purchases.

Purse is known too be a great way for mechanical turk users to offload earned Amazon credits for Bitcoin. Typically these users will complete a series of tasks and are then rewarded with Amazon credits. Purse allows those users to trade those credits into Bitcoin that they can use more widely in their local economies.

Purse’s Lightning Adoption

Purse originally announced support was coming for the Lightning Network back in June. They’ve since brought the feature online for everyone. This will be a win for those same mechanical turk users who were forced to withdraw on-chain. They’ll now have an option to keep more of the value they earn over paying fees.

The Lightning Network is a second layer solution for Bitcoin that allows users to interact with one another off-chain via a connection of nodes. This allows users to drastically save on transaction fees while decreasing settlement time to seconds.

Purse’s lightning adoption has been taken positively by the community. Their node has received a ton of community support over the last week as well. Their total total channels has skyrocketed 88% along with a 47% capacity increase to over 4 bitcoins at time of press.


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