Zeus v0.6.6 Released, Introduces Reproducible Android Builds

 Zeus v0.6.6 Released, Introduces Reproducible Android Builds

Zeus has been updated to v0.6.6 and can be found on the App Store and Google Play store. More importantly with this release you can now download Zeus on Android from F-Droid using Zeus’s own self-hosted repository. This allows anyone to download Zeus without the need for Google Play’s Store.

Zeus is a non-custodial Bitcoin-only wallet that is fully open source (APGLv3). It’s built to make payments simple while still giving complete control to the user. It allows anyone to connect to LND, Core Lightning or Eclair lightning nodes on clearnet or through TOR. The project is backed by the community with support from a number of Bitcoin projects and individuals.

The biggest news from this release is the introduction of support for F-Droid and their reproductible builds. This will allow anyone to be able to access the app even if it were to be removed from Google’s Play Store. More importantly it will allow anyone to build a version of the application to compare to the hosted version ensuring nothing new has been added to the app post build. This is a great introduction allowing the community to notice if anything inside of the builds seem off.

The update also includes enhancements to update the splash images on Android. It will also remove NFC requirements on Google Play allowing phones without NFC to be able to start installing the application.

Finally this release also adds support for custom block explorers. This will allow you to assign your own block explorer to improve your privacy when researching transactions. This is especially helpful for users running their own versions of tools like mempool.space.

You can read the full changelog on the ZeusLN GitHub repository. Once you’re ready to get started you can download Zeus v0.6.6 for iOS, Google Play or from F-Droid now.


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