Coinbase Wallet Ending Support for BCH, ETC, XLM and XRP

 Coinbase Wallet Ending Support for BCH, ETC, XLM and XRP

Coinbase has announced they will no longer be supporting a number of altcoins on their Coinbase Wallet product starting in January 2023.

Coinbase Support

Coinbase originally posted that support for the Bitcoin Cash, XRP (Ripple), XLM (Stellar) and Ethereum Classic networks would be ending on December 5th. They’ve since updated their support page to indicate support ending in January 2023.

Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody wallet that allows users to hold their own private keys without relying on the centralized exchange to access their funds. They are quick to point out this will not be impacting any of the support for the listed tokens on

While Coinbase will no longer be supporting the tokens through their wallet this doesn’t mean that you will be losing access to the tokens if you are still holding these assets after support ends. Their support page notes you will be able to import your recovery phrase for your Coinbase account into other non-custodial wallets that do still support those networks after they end support.

Coinbase is citing “low usage” as the reason for no longer supporting these networks. While this is undoubtably true some Twitter users were quick to point out the on-going litigation between the SEC and Ripple as a potential reason for this change.

Regardless of the reason for this change its certainly well received news by the toxic Bitcoin maxis. This is another feather in their cap to validate that Bitcoin is still continued to be the true winner of the Blocksize Wars.


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